2007. 8. 31. 00:45

Run a Corporate Blog !

Steve Rubel, a senior vice president at the Edelman PR firm who blogs at Micro Persuasion http://steverubel.typepad.com/, offers a few tips on how to blog for your company without spilling secrets, getting fired, or putting your readers to sleep.

Be passionate and add value
To be credible online, you need to tap into your passions and expertise and use them to add value to the conversation. This helps you build not only your profile but the organization's too. Be constructive and thoughtful.

Know where your bread is buttered
This one's not always apparent. It's critical you know who pays your salary. It isn't just your employer, but rather their entire circle of stakeholders. In my case, this includes clients, partners and the press. See if you can get a list of your company's big customers. Don't make any of them angry.

Color in the lines
It's important to know what your blog is about and where it can impact your business. Figure out your mission and know where you can and can't go. In my case, I learned that it's very difficult for me to blog substantively about our clients, their competitors or individual media outlets. I largely stick to big trends, insights and how-to's and pepper them with small examples.

Think before you post
This I learned the hard way. When it doubt, throw it out. Ask a colleague who understands this environment to review anything that's questionable. I have curbed my urge to post from the gut by pre-writing longer posts and using an editorial calendar.

Have a thick skin and a sense of humor
If you can't have fun as a blogger, then it's not worth it. Always be open to being mocked. When the Rocketboom vlog interviewed me we threw as many client props into a shot as we could. It got a laugh everywhere.

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